Dodji Seketeli
That's me :)

"Porter un regard sur le monde, opposer la methode à la confusion, faire le choix de la conscience et de la raison ..."


I am a husband, father and software engineer, living in Deuil la Barre, near Paris, France.

My main interests are around libre software coding, martial arts, history and economy.

As far as my personal computers are concerned, I use GNU/Linux only. I am a dedicated advocate of Free Software and collaborative work in open environments. From a technical standpoint, I believe Free Software is one of the revolutions of the second half of the 20th century.

Community involvement

I am a member of the GNOME foundation

I am a co-founder of GNOME-FR and I served on the board as financial officer. Nowadays I just cheer the fine dudes who took over, from the side lines.

I maintain the DNS entries of the domain.

Coding achievements

During my free time, I mostly write code related to the GNOME project.

I wrote many pieces of code in the GNOME arena, but these days I "only" focus on the Nemiver project. It's a A C/C++ graphical debugger for the GNOME desktop environment.

I have also hacked on embedded X servers. I helped maintain the Xephyr X server.

Professional involvement

These days, I work for Red Hat, where I hack on G++, the C++ front end of GCC.

I also maintain a Free Software project named Libabigail that aims at looking into shared libraries to detect application binary interface changes and incompatibilities in ways that are useful to programmers and other kinds of bit pushers of the (Free) Software Engineering space.

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